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Made In The USA Since 1933

We stand as the premier supplier of high-quality mattress systems. And by sticking to our original principles founded way back in 1933, we’ll continue to lead our industry well into the future.

Paramount Sleep Company is based in Norfolk, Virginia and is a member of the Better Business Bureau and is rated A+. The company also is a member of International Sleep Products Association, the Better Sleep Council and the Virginia Hotel and Motel Association.

All of our beds go through rigorous independent testing to insure it performs for the life of the warranty.

Premier supplier Mattresses


To handcraft innovative, state of the art, stylish sleep products that provide our customers with the highest quality sleep experience, every night.

Paramount Stands For  Integrity, Innovation, & Craftsmanship.

Natures Spa

Nightly Sanctuary for Body and Soul

Luxuriate in the deep restorative sleep your body craves, while enjoying peace of mind knowing that the bed gently cradling you is made from natural latex.  All of our Nature’s Spa® environmentally conscience mattress systems are designed for an ideal balance between comfort, support and pressure relief. Our foam and latex mattresses conform instantly to your body’s unique shape, and its inherent resilience pushes back where your body requires support.  Nature’s Spa beds provide more pressure relief than conventional mattress materials, without giving you a “sinking” feeling.

A. H. Beard

Improving Lives Through Better Sleep

Since 1899, Australia’s A.H. Beard has been the premier supplier of best-in-class luxury mattresses throughout the world. That same luxury bed is available in the U.S. When you sleep on an A.H. Beard high-end mattress system, you can rest assured that we have put all of our attention and care into every last stitch.


Big Comfort Mattress
Generous amounts of natural, exotic fillings

A Company of True “Bedding People”

Paramount Sleep is an 86-year-old, third-generation, family-owned mattress manufacturer based in Norfolk, Virginia, USA. Our handcrafted mattress brands, available at many of the top retailers in the country, are designed to meet your sleep and lifestyle needs.